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About Us

Léché Desserts

About Léché

Léché prides itself on having a unique offering and creating an experience for our valued customers. Our chefs are always a pushing to rethink what we know as donuts. Not only for desserts but stop by for a lunch when you are in the neighbourhood. We are excited for you to come by and indulge a little!

Josie's Story

A young aspiring pastry chef who had just returned from 3 yrs gaining experience in Europe (London, Paris, Ireland)... searching for a space to pursue her dream of running her own catering business stumbled on a random Kijiji post that led to 640 rue de courcelle.

9 yrs ago Léché Desserts, Montreal’s first artisanal donut shop was born.

Josie Weitzenbauer, with her 16 yrs of culinary experience as both chef and pastry master, has put together a team of talented bakers and cooks that fill the shop with love and made from scratch everything including the city's best donuts.

Passionate and excited for the future, Josie is leading the way forward in the ever evolving offerings and plans to remain a staple in the Montreal food scene. We hope you get the chance to stop by and see what all the fuss is about.

Our Mission

We believe in making innovative desserts with different and local products. In working towards creating a unique experience for our clients we challenge our chefs and staff to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.


Creating a fun product for any occasion and event. Léché is a growing business, with it growing we want to make it accessible to everyone. Always changing our view of what donuts can be.

Our Values


Participating and immersing ourselves into our community is very important to us as our neighbourhood grows.


Teamwork is creating a family.

Support local

Supporting local causes.

Support students

Supporting young students integrate the work force.