Our Donuts

Léché Desserts

Our Seasonal Donuts

Here you will find our seasonal based delish donut collections. They are on rotations based on the time of year spring/summer fall/winter. Don’t forget to join our newsletter to find out about our special/new flavours!

Chocolate & Peanuts Custard
Raspberry Glaze (V)
Earl Grey
Margarita (V)
Lemon Meringue
Lime & Coco (V)
Sugar & Spice (V)
Maple (V)
Boston Cream
Passion Fruit (V)
Raspberry Cream Cheese

* 6 donuts – $20 / 12 donuts – $35

* (V) = Vegan

** If you want something specific, please call ahead and reserve in advance.

Donut party box, do it yourself!

Price: $35

Donut party box
for the Holidays!

Holiday DIY kit: $40